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PerfectJournal is a new way of capturing your thoughts and managing your notes.  Today we tend to use Microsoft Word and create individual documents for meeting notes, research, you name it.  PerfectJournal will change the way you capture, management, keyword and store your critical thoughts and information. Then with a click of a mouse, you will have the ability to quickly timeline and sort and find your important information.

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Your Brain Stores Thoughts a Certain Way, Shouldn't your Notes Be Stored the Same Way?
Your brain works by storing thoughts and experiences in certain patterns and then links them by common experiences (or keywords).  Then when you call up one thought, you can easily link that to other thoughts.  PerfectJournal kind of works like your brain when it comes to gathering and storing thoughts.  We link them automatically to keywords, which in turn, allows you to quickly and easily find and filter information.
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