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PerfectJournal is For Who?

PerfectJournal can really be used by just about anyone that needs to keep track of a lot of notes and thoughts.  Below you will see some of the people that can benefit from using PerfectJournal in their daily lives.  Whether you are in the research lab, school or at home with the kids, PerfectJournal is a great tool to help you manage your thoughts and notes.


Consultants: Consultants are moving from project to project in gathering and writing thoughts about customers needs.  PerfectJournal is the perfect place to keep that information and to quickly pull it up again.  They can enter their customer name and project as keywords and pull up all notes.

Lawyers:  Lawyers need to keep track of all kinds of thoughts that are related to each other.  Then they can structure their results to find missing items and to follow up to customer requests.

Project Managers: PerfectJournal is a great place for project managers to track notes and tasks to follow up.  Because Project Managers are meeting with so many people, keeping track of so many items can be overwhelming.  PerfectJournal can help.

Engineers: Keep track of notes from meetings and then share them with co-workers. You'll have more time for product development.

Students: Capture all your class notes in one place and be able to quickly and easily recall them for papers or research.

Researchers:  Capture all those random thoughts about a subject in one place and use the time navigation to track your train of thought on a subject.

Moms and Dads: Ever wanted to keep a good journal on your kids?  PerfectJournal is the best place to keep a running journal of your children's lives.  Then use the time view to see the progress of your children.

Journalists and Bloggers:  Following a lead story and then need to publish it to your blog site?   Only PerfectJournal can do that!

Managers: Like all managers, we need to keep notes on the progress of our employees.  Quickly create keywords that relate to employees and performance.

Just about Anyone!

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